Razza Pura Cover Krab Blanket Black


Razza Pura Cover Krab Blanket Black

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Cover Krab , the blanket made with a particular tissue, without any chemical treatment, with many extraordinary qualities: ANALLERGIC, BREATHABLE, ANTIBACTERIAL, HEALING, BIODEGRADABLE AND ODOUR. It promotes the most of the expulsion of perspiration towards the outside and helps keep the body of the horse as dry as possible. it facilitates the healing of saddle sores and does not cause skin allergies. Razza Pura are an Italian company Pure Breed is born from the intersection of heart and reason: the hearts of those who love sports and glossy looking for ideas to create products suitable for the practice of sport. The idea is to improve the performance of any athlete but especially to ensure maximum comfort in all weather conditions and at any competitive level. To achieve such an ambitious goal, was made a long process of study and research of techniques and innovative materials solutions. The collaboration with equestrian champions, cycling, skiing and other disciplines has allowed to perform several tests on field, aimed at perfecting prototypes. A long and difficult job that allows today to present the revolutionary line of technical clothing for sport and active life everyday. All garments are made in Italy and must be accompanied by meticulous attention to style. They are produced with fabrics, special treatments and cutting-edge production techniques designed specifically to enable our leaders to achieve the preset characteristics,
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